Welcome INTERnational STUDENts

Here you find useful hints and tips for international students coming to pursue their Master Degree in the Institute of Physics of the Goethe University of Frankfurt.

"Studying in Germany opened me up for the fact that we, humans, share more similarities, beyond any cultural differences."
André z. santos

Before your first day

Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive a welcome packet from the International Office.  It is important to get as many things on this list done before courses start.


For the vast majority of the courses in the Physics department there is no need for courses registration. The big exception is the Advanced Laboratory (Forschungs- und Laborpraktikum).

course books

At Goethe University finding and buying books or reference material on your own usually is not necessary. 


Although some of the advanced Physics lectures are taught in English, the bachelor level courses are primarily taught in German. Important information are given in the first lecture.


It is important to note that, even though not all graded CPs are utilized when calculating a student’s overall grade, the highest grades obtained can be utilized.

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